v4l2 is a Linux kernel module that provides a Video4linux 1 and 2 interface to video capture capabilities of Mach64 and Rage 128 cards. It is based on gatos/km.

It does not require ati.2 or km and you can use it from the console or with X windows.


  • Grab the files from here or from CVS.
  • Type make to compile.
  • Use insmod to load the module.


  • There is a problem with Rage128 cards, when you capture it somehow messes up overlay, restarting X restores it.
  • v4l2 is dependent upon video4linux support - either compile it into your kernel or as a module. In the latter case you need to issue /sbin/modprobe videodev before trying to load this module.
  • Make sure your card has an irq assigned to it (there is a jumper on most cards that can enable/disable this)
  • If you have multiple video cards and the ATI card is not set as the primary card, you cannot load the module until X has enabled it. (I use kmod to automatically load the module when /dev/video is accessed)
  • To disable interlacing pass disableinterlace=1 on the command line when loading the module (eg insmod ./genericv4l.ko disableinterlace=1)
  • If you have ati.2 installed and you want to use xawtv with this driver you have to specify a video4linux device or it will default to overlay and ati.2. (eg xawtv -c /dev/video0).
  • You cannot load km and this module at the same time.

TODO list

  • Fix overlay corruption when capturing on Rage 128 cards
  • Proper vbi support (its hard coded for ntsc right now)
  • Audio chip stuff (volume, bass, treble for cards with audio chips)
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