Tools and applications



This page provides links to applications and tools relevant to GATOS project.

End-user applications

Developer tools

  • hw_script - this is Tcl/Tk extension that provides direct access to hardware. Useful for examining and modifying video card registers. Prerelease binary version for Windows:
  • atitvout - this utility was developed by Lennart Poettering to control TV-out capabilities of ATI adaptors from the command line.
  • Register grabber for Rage Theatre (by Michal Schwarz, communicated by Kostal Ivo). (rttest source). (latest version can be found on Michal's homepage).
    Note: it is very likely that it will not recognize your card because it has a different PCI id. To get it to work with your card lookup your card's PCI id in /proc/pci and then replace in rttest.exe at offset 0003:faa3 0x46 0x52 (which stands for PCI id 0x5246) with PCI id for you card. Here is the dump of rttest.exe around 0003:faa3:

    0003:fa90 d0 fe ff ff 02 10 0f 85 a9 00 00 00 66 81 bd d2
    0003:faa0 fe ff ff 46 52 0f 85 9a 00 00 00 8b 85 e8 fe ff
    (recipe from Sebastian Ehrenreich).

  • Xv and DGA testing apps from Mark Vojkovich
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