ati_remote is a Linux kernel module which allows to use ATI remote as a regular input device.


The instructions below are outdated due to the following two changes:

  • ATI remote has been merged into Linux kernel (since version 2.6.5)
  • ATI remote driver has been ported into LIRC (versions 0.7.0 and later).

Therefore the development is complete, the code in CVS is outdated and the maintanence has stopped.

The rest of the page is preserved, in case someone still needs this information.

  • Obtain ati_remote from our download area or from CVS.
  • Usually typing make will cause everything to compile - provided the source to your Linux kernel is located in /usr/src/linux
  • To try out ati_remote type make test.


  • The ati_remote driver has been ported into LIRC (versions 0.7.0 and later).
  • ati_remote is dependent upon USB and input devices support - either compile them into your kernel or as modules.
  • For Linux 2.4.x you need the following modules: input.o, mousedev.o, keybdev.o, hid.o. Make sure to compile hid.o with input support enabled - there is a separate control specifically for hid.o
  • AVview will configure Xfree86 to issue events for special buttons (like Play) automatically. Otherwise take a look at man xmodmap and ati.2/avview.modmap for hints how to configure XFree86 keymap with other applications.
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