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GATOS Hall of fame

GATOS is a big project. Over the time a lot of people contributed their time, effort and code. This page attempts to list them. Please, if you ever submitted a patch let me know. Also, if any of people listed here have a permanent homepage they want their name to point to - e-mail the link to me.

Early GATOS team

The first code to enable TV-in capabilities of ATI cards has evolved into xatitv, which is now located in GATOS CVS as two modules: ibtk and gatos.

  • Řyvind Aabling [initial TV-in driver for AIW Rage Pro, xatitv]
  • Steaphan Greene [IBTK, xatitv - GUI design, maintainer]
  • Christian Lupien [i2c access modes for non-Rage Pro cards, xatitv]
  • Octavian Purdila [kernel i2c module]
  • Vladimir Dergachev [I am around]
  • Daniel Caujolle-Bert [xatitv - autoconf, FreeBSD port, French documentation]


After release of XFree86 4.0.0 which included Xv extension that provided API for TV-in/TV-out capabilities the older code from xatitv was incorporated into XFree86 driver. An immediate improvement was the ability to accelerate movie playback. Many more people joined in.

  • Bob Bell [FAQ]
  • Robert Cicconetti (R C) [PCI DMA]
  • Ross Coleman (deek) [ati_xv]
  • Sebastian Ehrenreich [Rage Theatre probing]
  • Kostal Ivo [PAL/SECAM constants for Rage Theatre, PAL/SECAM audio]
  • Vojta Janota [PAL/SECAM TV-in]
  • Dominik Schnitzer (Aeneas) [ati_xv, patient hosting of us on linuxvideo]
  • George Staikos [TV-out]
  • Peter Surda [TV-out, capture]
  • Linus Torvalds [support for virtual screens]


We have just moved from Linuxvideo to Sourceforge and the module name changed to just ati.2. The new features are experimental video capture and TV-out support as well as new TV viewer application that can capture as well.

  • It is too early to make a list here - join in !
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