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These are really old webpages, they are here just for reference. You can find tarball of LinuxVideo CVS on main GATOS webpage.

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GATOS project source code can be found in linuxvideo CVS.


May 2001 At the moment there is really no reason to use old modules for XFree 4.0.1. If you are running XFree 4.0.x, I suggest you upgrade to 4.1.0 and use ati.2 modules.

Wednesday 24 October 2001 An experimental video4linux capture module is now available. Get it from the our CVS at Sourceforge or from Sourceforge file area.

For instructions on installing ATI-4.1.0.i386.tar.gz modules see in the end of this file.

Guide to GATOS CVS tree
ati_xvati_xv/ati.2-New unified ati driver (based on 4.1.0, link to binaries below)
ati_xvati_xv/mpeg2play-A sample mpeg2 player with Xv support
ati_xvati_xv/xv_stream-A sample application that streams V4L data using overlay
gatosgatos-A standalone user-mode driver (does not support newer cards with Rage Theatre)
ibtkibtk-A user-interface library, compile and install it before compiling gatos
vloopbackvloopback-Linux kernel module providing loopback interface for v4l
**-Directories not mentioned above are for reference purposes only

Which driver to use ?
CardXFree 3.3.3XFree 4.1.0
All-in-Wonder Classicgatos/ibtk (xatitv)ati.2
Mach64 with TV addongatos/ibtk (xatitv)ati.2
All-in-Wonder Progatos/ibtk (xatitv)ati.2
Rage Pro with TV addongatos/ibtk (xatitv)ati.2
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 16Mbgatos/ibtk (xatitv)ati.2
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 32Mb AGPati.2
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 32Mb PCIati.2
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 Vivoati.2
All-in-Wonder Radeon 32mb AGPati.2
Radeon cardati.2 (XvImage only)
Rage 128 cardati.2 (XvImage only)
Rage Pro cardati.2 (XvImage only)
Rage Mobility M3/M4ati.2 (XvImage only)
Rage Mobility (other than M3)ati.2 (XvImage only)

TV standards supported
Cardxatitv (gatos + ibtk)ati.2 (XFree 4.1.0 drivers)
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 16MbNTSC, PAL, SECAMNTSC, PAL, SECAM
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 32Mb AGPNTSC, PAL, SECAM
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 32Mb PCINTSC, PAL, SECAM
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 VivoNTSC, PAL, SECAM
All-in-Wonder Radeon 32mb AGPNTSC, PAL, SECAM
Rage 128 cardNTSC, PAL, SECAM (when Rage Theatre is present)
Rage Pro card
Rage Mobility M3/M4NTSC, PAL, SECAM (when Rage Theatre is present)
Rage Mobility (other than M3)NTSC, PAL, SECAM (when bt829 decoder is present)

ati.2: Testers wanted / work in progress
Cardati.2 functionality
All-in-Wonder ClassicTest XvImage + tuner/decoder
Mach64 with TV addonTest XvImage + tuner/decoder
All-in-Wonder ProVerify tuner/decoder support and XvImage
Rage Pro with TV addonTest tuner/decoder support and XvImage
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 16MbVerify tuner/decoder support in NTSC, test PAL and SECAM
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 32Mb AGPVerify tuner/decoder support in NTSC, test PAL and SECAM
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 32Mb PCIVerify tuner/decoder support in NTSC, test PAL and SECAM
All-in-Wonder Rage 128 VivoVerify tuner/decoder support in NTSC, test PAL and SECAM
All-in-Wonder Radeon 32mb AGPVerify tuner/decoder support in NTSC, test PAL and SECAM
Rage 128 card
Rage Pro cardTest XvImage
Rage Mobility M3/M4
Rage Mobility (other than M3)Test XvImage
All capture capable cardsTest video4linux functionality

Do _NOT_ mix XFree drivers (i.e. 4.1.0 drivers are meant _only_ for 4.1.0).

Installing ati.2 binaries

  • Download tarfile from the link below
  • Backup your /usr/X11R6/ directory (or wherever you installed XFree 4.1.0)
  • Make sure that /usr/X11R6 points to the directory where you installed XFree 4.1.0. It could be a symlink, it could be a hardlink.
  • Change directory to /usr and unpack the archive:
        tar zxvf ATI-4.1.0.i386.tar.gz
    This will install some additional modules and replace some binaries that are part of standard XFree86 4.1.0 installation.
Please make sure to install _ALL_ of ati.2 binaries (if you compile _apply_, _make_ and _install_ patches (see ati_xv/README)). If you just install modules it will _not_ work. Installation process for 4.0.2 is identical (s/4.1.0/4.0.2).

Note: many people have reported problems installing over RPM or DPKG based installations. These problems stem from the fact that package maintainers get creative and put XFree86 in non-standard places. Our "official" recommended way is to either compile XFree86 4.1.0 tree yourself (this way you can develop too) or to use plain XFree86 binaries - the ones in .tgz format.

Watching TV

After installing the drivers for XFree 4.x.x you need a TV viewer application. The "official" TV viewer for these drivers is AVview. Many others (i.e. zapping and xawtv) are also available.


The packaged releases are available on GATOS Sourceforge download area. Also, the sourcecode is available in CVS:


  • FAQ by Bob Bell
  • Guide to debugging dri (3d acceleration)
  • A sample mpeg file for testing
  • DRM kernel modules from 4.1.0 (Last updated 8:01pm Sunday, October 28th 2001) Compile these to get dri to work with 4.1.0. Or use modules that come with Linux 2.4.15 or later.
  • livid-ati and livid-gatos mailling lists.
  • thread from video@ mailing list that discusses implementation of symbolic attribute values in Xv (XvTranslateIntValue)
  • thread from xpert@ mailing list that discusses implementation of XvShmGetImage
  • xawtv - TV application that supports Xvideo (you need it if you have an All-in-Wonder card and use ati_xv).
  • Xine - mpeg/DVD/AVI movie player.
  • OMS - mpeg/DVD movie player.
  • Register grabber for Rage Theatre (by Michal Schwarz, communicated by Kostal Ivo). (rttest source) (latest version can be found on Michal's homepage) Note: it is very likely that it will not recognize your card because it has a different PCI id. To get it to work with your card lookup your card's PCI id in /proc/pci and then replace in rttest.exe at offset 0003:faa3 0x46 0x52 (which stands for PCI id 0x5246) with PCI id for you card. Here is the dump of rttest.exe around 0003:faa3:

    0003:fa90 d0 fe ff ff 02 10 0f 85 a9 00 00 00 66 81 bd d2
    0003:faa0 fe ff ff 46 52 0f 85 9a 00 00 00 8b 85 e8 fe ff
    (recipe from Sebastian Ehrenreich).

  • Kostal Ivo has posted several modified versions of ati.2 that work with European versions of All-in-Wonder 128. Look in the mailing list archive for announcements. Note: as of now all this code has been merged into CVS.
  • FFMPEG is a free software encoder that supports mpeg and other formats. Capable of real-time encoding
  • patch to ffmpeg verion 0.4.5 to get it working with kmultimedia
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